Saturday, May 9, 2009


I started this blog with high expectations, but not much direction, in January of 2009. Now spring is here, it's May, and I have a solid plan of how to make this site lively, interesting and original. I want this to be a gathering place for anyone interested in contemporary miniature art and the culture of do-it-yourself-ing.

In the coming months I will be offering not only notes on my painting experience and new work, but an overview of miniature art in the United States today from one artist's perspective, but a source of information for collectors, and an exchange of favorite sources for things we may not need, but that we all love, made by loving hands one piece at a time.

I'm going to start with a day-of-the-week schedule, so you can come back and enjoy the information you're most interested in. On Monday nights I'll be presenting Miniature Monday.
Wednesday I'll bring together ideas and information on buying, collecting, giving, and displaying miniature art. And on Fridays I'll profile other artists and crafters.

Miniature Monday will begin with a four-part introduction to contemporary American miniature art exploring What is Miniature Art, Where and How is Miniature Art Shown Publicly, How is Miniature Art Produced, and The ACEO Phenomenon.

The Collectors Corner on Wednesday will go along with this format in its first four weeks. Topics will be Original, Print, Reprodution on May 13; The Top Five Ways to Buy Miniature Art; Working with a Miniature Artist on a Commissioned Work; and Displaying, Trading and Giving ACEOs.

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  1. Hi Polly, thanks for the follow on Twitter. I don't follow that many people on Twitter as it fills up my inbox, but please don't un-follow me! I've decided to follow you here and vis Google Reader, so I will be notified of all your up-dates. Lovely miniatures that you do, didn't know that it was a topic on its own. Will certainly pop in from time to time!