Friday, December 12, 2008

Sharing the mini-art

I just visited the Yahoo Miniature Art Group (a wonderful resource for anyone bitten by the mini) where there weren't many posts the last couple weeks, so I decided to put myself out there with a post about the reactions I've been getting to my miniature paintings. I've been finding a lot of interest. Once people see a few, and especially pick one up, examine and handle it, they start thinking of the possiblities for them in their life -- for gifts, at your workplace, in small spaces, grouped together. Today a friend of a friend was speculating about a series of three weeks, a triptych of sorts, showing a progression through time of a scene IN MINIATURE! She's smitten.

So in posting about how much interest -- dare I even say excitement -- I'm finding for small paintings, it occurs to me I should add to my to-do list a compilation of sites helpful about miniatures and little paintings in general to be posted and handed out.

Starting some more seascapes/beach paintings. They've been quite popular, and I can see why. Not only are they beautiful, but they evoke pleasant memories and peaceful feelings for so many people.

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